Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Need Him

  • In the first place i do not mean it i just wanna prove to them that i can do it w/ my own!!
  • I just wanna show to them that if they not around me i can handle the situation.
  • i can do it "BASTA" andyan si god...................
  • I can solve the problem whatever is it because i know that god is always there for me he always guide and blesss me...........
  • He our father is always there ror giving us strengh.............

Friday, October 19, 2007

My college life

Sa una kong pag pasok sa kolehiyo akala ko mahirap, ni wala man lang kakilala, walang kausap at walang mapag tanungan. minsan inakala ko mahirap talaga ang buhay kolehiyo pero nang tumagal ay masasanay ka rin sa proseso ng kolehiyo. sa ngayon marami na akong kakilala at kaibigan sa skul at marami narin akong kaibigan!. handang tumulong sa mga gawain sa skul lalong-lalo na sa subject namin na management.. buti nalang nandyan si jay cliff para tumulong..hehehe..ayos diba!! guys good luck sa lahat see you next sem!!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless!!.....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wiki "Pilipinas"

The Wiki"Pilipinas" is like a dictionary or encyclopedia and it is like a "Wikipedia.org." You can search whatever you want to search about the "Pilipinas" and the different culture you want to know from this website. Can you search this website around the world. And it can be your guide to tour the "Pilipinas" although not actual but you can tour whatever the place you want to tour by searching it to the internet . The "Wikipilipinas" is a tool to know more about the Pilipinas, but if you want to know it detailed by detailed just type the words that you want to know then click the words "search" The "Wikipilipinas" is the one that you can choose to explore the beauty and the secret of the "pilipinas" I really mean it! but if your not satisfy to your research you can go to the other website but i think the "Wikipilipinas" is the one in the many website that have a complete information about the "Pilipinas" if you want to go in this website just type www.wikipilipinasorg.com. that's it.........

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The bug

Bug is one of my mortal enemy.If they get closer to me i'm scared i don't know why i don't like them maybe they look like a monster or they just a dirty insect that's why I don't like them to to get closer to me........yuck!!!!hehe im not maarte but i don't really like them a lot!!!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

First time to create a blog!!!

When my teacher required us to create a blog I thought it was very difficult to create but not totally perfect my work. I only knew that is one of advantage for us to having a blog because you can apply this experience us your special skill regarding to your resume when you apply a job. Now days we know how important the computer is, that’s why if you have a blog it is easy to promote or to endorse what company are you going to apply.

Ang Ganda ko!!!!!!!!

About Me

Im jhoana marie libre 17 years old cute but not totally pretty simple but terrible, i like to play vollyball and watching some action movie, specially if the movie is cartoons. my favorite food is sinigang sa miso,


i love god